Why worry about pipelines with so much else going on?

The truth is, pipelines are not just an environmental issue.  The pipelines intersect with many other issues facing society. Racial and economic targeting practiced by the pipeline companies perpetuates racism and colonialism.  Along both the Atlantic Coast (ACP) and Mountain Valley (MVP) pipelines’ routes, it is communities of color, Indigenous communities, and low-income communities that... Continue Reading →

Won’t regulatory agencies make sure the ACP and MVP are built with minimal impact to water and environment?

No - These unnecessary pipelines would cause unavoidable harm to waterbodies and the environment.  Even if the process of permitting the pipelines was not merely a rubber stamping by the regulatory agencies, the Atlantic Coast (ACP) and Mountain Valley (MVP) pipelines cannot be constructed without causing permanent detriment to water and environment. The ACP and... Continue Reading →

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