Aren’t the pipelines a done deal – why get involved?

The pipelines are NOT a done deal.

As of June 2018, the ACP has not yet received full certification of its state water permits and does not have the state air permits required for its compressor station in Virginia.  In May 2018, a court vacated ACP’s permit involving construction in areas that could impact endangered species, preventing construction in those areas indefinitely.  A court vacated the MVP’s Army Corp of Engineers NWP12 permit in West Virginia, where the entire beginning half of the MVP is supposed to run, indefinitely halting construction near water crossings.  Construction has only just begun for the MVP in Virginia; a temporary stop work and notice of violation has already occurred due to multiple failures of water protection measures and MVP breaking the law by using inadequate water protection measures.  Construction has not started at all for the ACP in Virginia, and a notice of violation for water quality protection failures has already been issued to ACP in the pre-construction phase.  Neither pipeline is on the schedule the pipeline companies originally intended.

Governor Ralph Northam’s Department of Environmental Quality has full authority under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act, as well as under a new state law, to stop work on the pipelines.  It is, now more than ever, imperative to demand they do so and to fight these pipelines in order to stop the environmental racism involved, protect water and environment for future generations, stand with the communities impacted, and stand against the corporate erosion of our democracy.  Now is the time to get involved!

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  1. This is great news for all environmental protectors. This means we are making a difference!!! Our voices are be heard. #WeDoMater #WeCan #TogetherWecanDoMore #BythePeople #United #WaterIsLife


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