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Join resistance efforts.  If you are in the Richmond area, the Virginia Pipeline Resisters hold demonstrations every Wednesday behind the Governor’s Office.  Follow the Water Is Life. Protect It. Coalition, which posts some actions and has a list of resistance groups across the state (the group list is in the about section of the Facebook page).  For more resources and an additional list of groups fighting the pipelines across the state, see the Alleghany-Blue Ridge Alliance.

Call, email, and write Governor Northam telling him to direct the DEQ to use its full authority under section 401 of the Clean Water Act and under state law to stop work NOW on the Mountain Valley Pipeline and halt progress on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline; and to call for the State Water Control Board to revoke the pipelines’ 401 certification permits, which the Board failed to do at their August 2018 and March 2019 meetings despite the wealth of comments proving the insufficiency of the Nationwide Permit 12 used in the 401 certification process and despite their authority to do so.  Cite threats to water quality and the 300+ violations that have already occurred and ongoing water contamination occurring for the MVP, the inept handling of the pipeline permitting process by the DEQ , the lack of necessity for the pipelines, the inevitable negative economic and public health impacts, and how those impacts will disproportionately affect communities of color, Indigenous communities, and low-income communities, as well as women.  Point out that multiple permits have been suspended or vacated for the pipelines because courts have determined that the regulatory agencies erred in issuing the permits, proving that these regulatory agencies that the Governor claims to rely on have already failed.  Also point out the letter from the Governor’s own Advisory Council on Environmental Justice – the Council delivered this letter to Governor Northam after they found racial and economic targeting to be involved with the routing of the pipelines and that the evaluation of water quality impacts had been inadequate.  The Governor has ignored this letter thus far.

The Honorable Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia

P.O. Box 1475

Richmond, VA 23218

(804) 786-2211

Email the Governor here

Contact Attorney General Herring asking that he direct the Department of Environmental Quality, whom he legally represents, to immediately issue a stop work order on the Mountain Valley Pipeline in light of the 300+ violations that have already occurred during pipeline construction and the current criminal investigation into these violations.

The Honorable Mark Herring, Attorney General of Virginia

202 North Ninth Street

Richmond, VA 23219

(804) 786-2071

Email the Attorney General here

*Contact your state legislators as well, urging them to tell Governor Northam to stand against the pipelines, direct DEQ to stop work, and call for the State Water Control Board to revoke the 401 certification and the Air Pollution Control Board to deny the Buckingham compressor station air permit.  You can find your legislators here.

Contact the State Water Control Board telling them they still must revoke the 401 certification permits for the Mountain Valley Pipeline, especially in light of the erosion and sediment control failures already occurring for the MVP which have resulted in water contamination, the inadequate response to these failures by the DEQ, and the inept handling of the pipeline permitting process by the DEQ that resulted in these failures and will result in the same failures for the ACP.  Cite also the suspension and vacating of multiple federal permits for both pipelines, proving that regulatory agencies have erred in issuing permits for the pipelines, and the wealth of comments submitted that showed evidence of the insufficiency of the Nationwide Permit 12 which has now been proven by the NWP12’s permits being suspended for both pipelines.

Email:    **be sure to use ‘ATTN: State Water Control Board’ in the subject line, and request that your comment go to the Board immediately instead of being held and given to the Board at the next meeting

Call and email the DEQ telling them they must use their full authority under Section 401 under the Clean Water Act and under state law to stop work NOW on the Mountain Valley Pipeline and halt progress on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, citing reasons listed above.

Phone: (804) 698-4000 – ask for your message to go to Director David Paylor, Water Permitting Division Director Melanie Davenport, Director of Operations James Golden, and Regulatory Affairs/Citizen Boards person Cindy Berndt.

Emails for the above:

David Paylor –

Melanie Davenport –

James Golden –

Cindy Berndt –

**Please fill out the form on the contact page or contact if you need more detailed talking points for contacting the Governor, Attorney General Herring, legislators, the State Water Control Board, and the DEQ

Donate to pipeline resistance efforts.  Resistance efforts and those fighting legal challenges need support.  The Interfaith Alliance for Climate Justice has been set up to provide donations to all efforts.

Volunteer to help with pipeline monitoring activities.  See volunteer opportunities for the ACP here and for the MVP here.

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